Sirovision is a geology / geotechnical mapping and analysis system that generates accurate, scaled 3D images of rock faces from stereo photographs taken in open pit and underground environments.

Why Use Sirovision?

Quickly map structure with instant geotechnical results
Auto detect and analyse unstable features such as wedges and blocks
Reduce costs and excavation failure risk
Improve safety and productivity

Who uses Sirovision?

• Geotechnical Engineers

• Geologists

• Mining Engineers

• Surveyors

Sirovision Open Pit System
Sirovision Open Pit  is a quick, accurate, simple and cost effective way to generate accurate 3D images of open pit rock walls and map and anlayse their structure. The system supports a wide range of survey methods. Sirovision works with off-the-shelf digital SLR cameras and lenses and ANY digital SLR camera and lens can be custom calibrated for use with the software.

Sirovision Underground System
Sirovision Underground is an integrated hardware and software system designed to provide safe and cost-effective mapping and analysis of rock structure and underground topography.  This system comprises the specially designed Stereo Camera for capturing stereo photographs of headings in only a few minutes with no setup time.

Survey Control
Sirovision enables you to georeference 3D images using a wide range of survey equipment, including Total Station, Theodolites and RTK, Geotagger and hand held GPS devices.  A minimum of three known points is enough to georeference whole mosaics of 3D images.