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Eldorado Gold Kisladag Slope Stability Study.pdf Download
Digital Outcrop Characterization for 3-D Structural Mapping and Rock Slope Design.pdf Download
Validation of a Simple One Person Method for Structural Mapping Using Sirovision.pdf Download
Comparison of Standard Structural Mapping Results to 3-D Photogrammetric Model Results.pdf Download
Photogrammetric and LiDAR 3-D Rock Slope Discontinuity Mapping _arma_2011.pdf Download
Stereophotographic Measurement of Joint and Bedding Orientation.pdf Download
Goldenrocks laser and photgrammetric methods rock face characterisation Download
Terrestrial photogrammetry and LiDAR investigation of the Christchurch Earthquakes.pdf Download
Enhancing the Collection of Rock Mass Fabric Data for Open Pit.pdf Download
Highwall Mapping with Sirovision – Dawson Mine Case Study.pdf Download
Anglo Gold Ashanti Moab Sirovision Report.pdf Download
Comparison of hand-mapping with remote data capture systems.pdf Download
Rockfall Mitigation Professional Surveyor Magazine.pdf Download
Thiess Australian Mining Case Study Slope Management Using Sirovision 18Sept2014.pdf Download
Geological and structural mapping of spillways at Sunwater.pdf Download