Sirovision software is used on 5 continents by the worlds biggest mining companies including:

Unsolicited testimonials include:


“Sirovision has been great for us at the Kevitsa Operation as it has allowed us to safely collect high quality mapping data which would not otherwise be possible.  We cannot have our people mapping within close proximity of the pit walls – the risk of rock fall is too great.  We now safely collect accurate, real-space mapping data for modelling from all our production faces and pit walls.  We are super happy with the system and the support we receive.”

Jani Kalla, Chief Geologist, Boliden Kevitsa, quoted April 2017


“Following all the updates on Sirovision, it has incredibly helped AngloGold Ashanti-Geita Gold Mine to correctly map all critical and nasty structures in our active pits from both accessible and inaccessible exposed structures and understand how they are sitting against the pit slope, at which by modeling them a level of confidence to all consecutive open pit design is increased through Sirovision data, potentially a right decision is made to maintain or add more value to the company.”

Martine Hamisi, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Geita Gold Mining, quoted April 2017



“Our open pit mine has made a major safety improvement by using Sirovision geotechnical scale (window) mapping technique, which has provided more accurate reflection of true fracturing on slope faces.  Increased recorded statistical fracture population has resulted better archiving of slope faces. Number of mapping has appx. 50% increased without compromising safety and quality.”

Serdar Ergun, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Kisladag Mine, Eldorado Gold Corporation, quoted April 2017


“Sirovision has optimized burden and spacing planning for blasting holes planning and improved rock fragmentation through proper understanding of discontinuities and localized rock mass characterization for Buzwagi open pit”

“Geotechnical mapping using Sirovision at Nyabirama pit  has improved understanding of the structural model by clear understanding of all significant geological discontinuities hence optimizing various engineering and mine development projects.”

Elias Mtibilo, Engineering Geologist, Acacia Mining PLC, quoted April 2017


“The use of Sirovison has helped us in reducing the time in the collection of geotechnical information, analysis and interpretation, as well as contributing to security issues in areas difficult to reach in the banks.

The software is friendly which makes its handling simple.”

William Mendoza, Ingeniero Geotecnico,  Antapaccay, April 2017




“Sirovision has been used by us over the last six years. During this period we were able to see the benefits of using it, as it has been used in a wide range of working/observation scales, from single to multi bench scale. The data acquired is reliable and covered our expectations both regarding quality and quantity.
The continuous evolution of the software gave us the opportunity to expand our capabilities and our capacity in discontinuity mapping and analysis.”

Kostas Botsialas, Geotechnical Engineer, Titania AS May 2017


“To date I have been finding the accuracy well within our needs and as we are using Sirovision in cycle (every exposed bench ) we are getting within centimeters of check points regularly and the survey I-site scans and Sirovision mirror each other very well.”

Nick Spanswick, Senior Mine Geologist quoted October 2010


‘The quality of the information is a lot better using Sirovision mapping. With [Sirovision] you can see things that you wouldn’t be able to see if your standing 5 meters away to stay clear of unsupported ground.”

Greg Snyder, Geology Lead, Nickel Rim South, Xstrata. Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal, June 2009