Sirovision enables the analysis of digitally mapped discontinuity data with a wide range of useful tools.

Analysis Explorer

Create Discontinuity Analysis Sets and subsets organised in a windows explorer file structure.

Filter Editor

Design queries to create analysis sets based on any criteria you require.

Schema Editor

Build your own schemas and apply custom data to mapped discontinuity sets.

Build analysis set reports on customised schema data.

Stereo Plots, Rose Plots, Contour Plots

Work with analysis sets on a stereo plot whilst visualising their physical structure simultaneously on a 3D image.

For example, you can select a discontinuity on a stereo plot which highlights it on the 3D image. From this 3D image, you can view coordinate values and real world spatial location for the discontinuity. Simultaneously, you can view dip/dip direction and trend/plunge values for the same discontinuity on the spherical projection.

Find Planes Tool

Automatically find all planes in the 3D image within your specified criteria.

Automatic Wedge Detector

Set geotechnical criteria to automatically detect wedges and plot their plane of intersection.


View statistics on selected discontinuity sets such as Joint Persistence Distribution and Joint Spacing Distribution.