Sirovision Underground has been developed in collaboration between Datamine and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). This system requires the specially designed Stereo Camera Unit for very quick capture of  stereo photographs in underground environments with the correct geometry required to generate 3D images.

As of April 2014, Datamine have begun production of the new CAE Stereo Camera Mark II, utilising the latest digital SLR cameras. This unit is designed to take stereo photographs with one touch of a button enabling entire headings to be captured in only a few minutes. Photographs taken with the Mark II unit are used to produce high resolution 16 megapixel 3D images from which minerals and rock can be easily identified, mapped and analysed. Geotechnical tools such as the Slope Stability Analysis tool enables automated wedge detection which outputs the mass, volume and sliding vector of wedges based on geotechnical domain characteristics.

If you need to capture high resolution 3D underground data quickly and easily, Sirovision’s unique solution is the answer.


16 Megapixel Nikon D5100 cameras

Durable and robust water, dust and corrosion proof molded shell

Transportable by one person

7.5 inch image monitor

Self-contained ambient light and laser guidance systems

Ethernet, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity

Rechargeable / replaceable batteries

Today, amongst many others, it is used by BHP, Newcrest, Anglo Gold Ashanti  and Xstrata mines all over the world to improve mine planning processes. In cooperation with mining companies, the implementation of underground mapping systems can be tailored to a mining operations needs.

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