Geotechnical Engineers

Structural modeling.

Map structures directly on to 3D topographical surfaces delivering instant geotechnical measurements such as dip, dip direction, persistence, roughness etc. to create joint sets that can be analysed using an array of tools.

Slope Stability Analysis

Sirovison’s Slope Stability Analysis automatically detects daylighting wedges, blocks and toppling hazards and outputs sliding vector, mass, volume and stability classification data for each feature.

Improves Ground Support Design

Accurate structural models in 3D are highly beneficial when designing ground support.


Structural mapping

Digitally map structure directly on to 3D topographic surfaces delivering instant geological measurements.

Map lithology and mineralogy

Digitally map and annotate lithology and mineral boundaries.

Calculate ore body surface area

The Mineral Classification tool automatically maps and outputs surface area of selected mineral and ore bodies.


Spatial Data Mapping

Map spatial data in x, y, z coordinates. Calculate excavated volumes.

Mining Engineers

Assists Blast Design

Identification of structure aids prediction of breakthrough at the face and improves blast productivity.

Post Blast Analysis

A 3D digital record post blast assists with QA and blast efficiency analysis.